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You won't believe this negative-edge pool that is asurrounded by a natural lake making it look like the pool goes on forever! As sky-blue water melts into the lake, your eyes are pulled into the never-ending view before you.

Joy Pools designs and builds elegant and affordable "ultra custom" gunite pools and spas, transforming ordinary backyards into home water resorts with natural boulders, ledges, waterfalls, bars, fountains, BBQ's and negative-edges.

Negative-edge pools go hand-in-hand with North Texas' lakeside vistas. But even if your home does not enjoy such an awe-inspiring view. With the right design, water features and landscaping, Joy Pools creates attractive scenery, even in constrained backyards. The water from a negative-edge pool may appear to drop off into a lush forest, lake or ocean. Or, water splashing off of a group of boulders can look as if it is filling up the pool.

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